Brandtern Overview:

The Gatesman Brandtern experience will offer intern candidates a robust and interactive learning environment that harnesses creativity, project initiation, professional development, and innovation with practice on real-life clients. Collaboration between multiple disciplines within the advertising agency will expose Brandterns to a healthy range of client projects from a variety of industries, including but not limited to business-to-business, retail, business to consumer, non-profit, healthcare and more. Please note that this year will be slightly different than our typical Brandtern experience in that it will be mostly to all work from home.

Copywriter Brandtern:

Can you do better than this headline?

Are your headlines snappy? Is your portfolio filled with insightful ideas? Does the idea of wrangling a brand’s main message into 125 characters sound like a great day at the office? If you answered “Yasss!” to any of those, then we want to see more.

Get ready to build your portfolio

As copywriting intern, you’ll write and edit copy that connects with over-achieving business types, drywall installers, architects, people who hate rush hour, cardiologists, time-starved moms trying to feed their families, and many, many more. But your toughest audience will be your creative directors. Their job is to give you a taste of life inside a creative department with real clients, real deadlines, and real pressure. Your main job is to impress them. Their main job is to surround you with other creative minds to build your book and kickstart your career.


  • You can talk the talk and walk the walk. To be a Brandtern, you need to have great verbal communication skills.
  • Everyone here at Gatesman is a creative person, and the Brandterns are no different. Being creative and forward-thinking will definitely help you stand out during the application process.
  • Agency life moves quickly, so being organized is a necessity, otherwise you'll be left behind.
  • This is a 10 week program and you must be available for all 10 weeks. The program will run from June 7, 2021- August 13, 2021.
  • Must be able to work between 30-40 hours per week. (Please note we will consider you for part time work this year, if you specify this in your application). This is a paid internship.


  • Recent Graduate or Junior or Senior level in college
  • Preferred majors include, but not limited to: Graphic Design, Art, Marketing, Communications, Advertising.