• To effectively supervise the financial, legal, personnel, and internal affairs of the agency.


  • Reports to the President and CEO.


  • Achieves the timely recording of all transactions and the preparation of all financial reports.
  • Manages client billing, both media and production.
  • Manages monthly closing. Controls the flow of data into general ledger.
  • Prepares monthly balance sheets and profit/loss statements.
  • Maintains all corporate accounting records in accordance with established disposal schedules.
  • Assists in the preparation of all audit/review schedules and review of the books and records with an outside audit team.
  • Ensures that media payments to vendors are reviewed, verified, and approved.
  • Maintains adequate controls of receipts and disbursements.
  • Ensures that the agency’s cash flow is adequate to meet its commitments.
  • Manages the agency’s travel and entertainment policy and procedural guidelines, execution, and updating.
  • Prepares special reports and performs studies as directed by the President, EVP, and SVP.
  • Supervises external audits requested by agency clients.
  • Protects corporate assets through sound accounting policies and procedures which include:
    • Provision for insurance coverage, as required; and
    • Protection of business assets and loss prevention through internal control and internal auditing.
  • Contributes to corporate strategy and operations as a key member of executive management which includes:
    • Management of cash and other investments;
    • Maintenance of bank relationship;
    • Receipt, custody, and disbursement of the company’s monies and securities; and
    • Credit and collection management in a timely fashion.
  • Obtains monthly projection of revenue from EVP, prepares annual and monthly expense forecasts upon which management decisions can be based, such as:
    • Accuracy of year end forecast; and
    • Appropriate budgets and budget directives.
  • Works with the EVP and AE’s to track and institute plans for all losing accounts first, then all accounts.
  • Assumes responsibilities of Network Administrator; manages information systems which include:
    • Development of and use of electronic data processing facilities (for payroll processing)
  • Administers tax strategy.
  • Coordinates legal affairs.
  • Managing all agency legally-binding contracts including client service, vendors and real estate.

Performance Standards

  • Agency financial goals are met.
  • Audits/Reviews reveal competent accounting practices.
  • Budgets are met in area of responsibility for Controller.
  • Agency operations run smoothly.

Desired Experience

  • CPA Preferred
  • Agency and Advantage experience a plus