Protects and furthers the financial interests of the agency by managing/ supervising agency financial resources, agency operations, and maximizes agency wealth. Reports to the agency President/CEO and should represent and execute the corporate strategy set forth by the agency partners ensuring that business decisions are grounded in solid financial criteria.


Team Management

  • Trains, manages and directs Operations, Financial and Accounting activities as they relate to support positions and responsibilities within other departments personnel (Media, Digital, PR, Acct mgmt.. Creative, Project Management)
  • Supervises current and all future financial and/or accounting positions, administrative/agency support such as building mgmt., leases, phone systems, IT department -including technology and equipment) and functions and relationships, etc.
  • Engages other members of the senior management team to facilitate across-department collaboration to ensure that financial systems and solutions positively support the agency’s evolving strategy, operational delivery and data collection needs.
  • Will serve as part of the agency’s Director’s Circle (management team)

Financial Management

• Provides recommendations to the President and CEO based on financial analysis and projections, cost identification and allocation, and revenue/expense analysis.

  • Provides insight and analysis to support department heads, other senior managers in short and long-term budgetary planning and cost management.
  • Leads key initiatives in finance that support overall strategic goals as set forth by the agency partners
  • Maintains strong controls environment and financial reporting processes, and extends to compliance with all standard legal and financial regulations
  • Advises management team about financial operations, stability, and liquidity of


• Develops agency financial policies for managing assets and liabilities.

• Oversees the development of agency budgets and financial plans.

• Arranges sources for financing agency activities.

• Explores and develops new areas for agency growth and profitability.

• Works with the agency mgmt team to efficiently manage agency financial resources including

managing client profitability and team utilization goals.

  • Manages transactions and prepares all financial reports in a timely manner.

• Oversees/Manages client billing, both media billing and production.

• Manages monthly closings. Controls the flow of data into the general ledger.

• Oversees the preparation of monthly balance sheets and profit/loss statements.

• Maintains all corporate accounting records in accordance with established

disposal schedules.

• Ensures that media payments to vendors are reviewed, verified, and approved.

• Maintains adequate controls of receipts and disbursements.

• Ensures that the agency’s cash flow is adequate to meet its commitments.

  • Assists in developing the annual budget and monitors agency profitability, operating budgets, cash flow and investments.

  • Supervises compliance involving time entry by agency staff, monitors staff activity, salary reviews, assesses profitability of time vs. income by account on a macro level advising agency management as needed.
  • Oversees outside agency procurement/services/purchases with office supply, payroll, computer equipment, etc ensuring most/best practices in sourcing outside materials and services are most efficient.

• Oversees financial contracts and agreements relating to leases and vendor

relations, including building, rent, office equipment and purchases, leases, etc.

Client Compensation

• Develops and oversees client cost accounting approach/Advantage agency systems.

• Working with the Agency Management Team, develops, negotiates and

implements profitable client compensation systems.

• Negotiates and prepares client-agency agreements.

  • Interfaces with client senior accounting/financial personnel when/as needed serving as the lead voice and counsel involving agency financial matters.

Information Systems Development

• Determines information needs of management and departments.

• Sees that appropriate information systems are developed and implemented.

Financial Projects

• Prepares and completes any financial projects assigned by the President and CEO

• Responds to financial needs by initiating financial projects within the department.

Human Resources/Employee Benefit Programs

• Collaborates/teams with HR function working in conjunction with Agency Partners

  • Investigate programs and assures that investment objectives of any employee

retirement plans with provider (Fidelity) are met.

• Develops and maintains programs for employee healthcare plans including

feasibility of disability, life insurance plans, dental 401K etc.

• Responds to other employment benefit needs as they arise.

Outside Contact

• Maintains top-level contact with any agency legal counsel, consultants, public

accounting firms, and banking/loan representatives. Etc.


• 10-15 years of experience with at least 2 in the Controller and/or CFO role of an Advertising agency or similar professional services business or professional trade association.

• C-suite experience in managing staff for Finance, IT, HR and Operations

•Undergraduate and graduate degrees in Finance, Management, Accounting - MBA and/or CPA helpful

• Experience in dealing with corporate governance and BOD relations

• Deep knowledge of the Advertising/Marketing Communications business

• P&L responsibility for a sizeable business

• Excellent communication, negotiation, management and mediation skills

• Strategic planning and implementation skills

Application Process

This position will require occasional weekly in-person time in the Pittsburgh office starting in September 2021. Please submit your cover letter, resume, and salary expectations. Applications without stated salary expectations will not be considered.